“I’ve worked hard to accomplish everything I thought I wanted and I’m still not happy.”

Hi, I’m Rhonda.

I help strong, driven individuals create more emotional intimacy.

This might be you if:

You’re working hard to keep everything running smoothly.

You’re feeling confident about your career achievements.

However, the people you’re working so hard for don’t understand what it’s like to keep everything together for everyone.

It stings to work so hard and not feel appreciated or desired.

Guess what. Your partner probably feels like a disappointment to you, too.

Your strong, driven nature, that keeps you thriving professionally, is sabotaging the intimacy you crave.

I can help you.

If you’re seriously committed to making changes and willing to do deeper work on yourself, tap below to get started.


Contact- coachwithrhonda@rhondafarr.com