Hi there.

I’m Rhonda.

As a wife and mother to four boys, I’m passionate about using emotional work in my personal life as I navigate all the challenges and joys the universe has to offer me—which are many.

I’m a former Family Counselor, turned Life Coach.

I run a one to one coaching practice that combines Mindset Coaching, Emotional Connecting and Somatic Experiencing.

I help strong and accomplished husbands (and a few amazing wives) connect intimately to the partners they love.

This work will definitely help you connect more deeply with others, but the surprise bonus is a rock-solid relationship with yourself.

You will learn how to live a life of integrity and alignment that allows you to offer others the very best version of you.

I love any opportunity to speak about, teach about, learn about, coach about emotions and emotional work.

It lights my soul on fire and my greatest desire is to share this gift with others.

Thank you for visiting my space.

It’s no accident that you found me.

Want to know how I can help you?