Before my four boys were born, I worked as a Family Counselor for a substance-abuse center.

When my baby started preschool five years ago, I knew I wanted to get back into the field.

This is where I married Life Coaching with my counseling background.

In the beginning of my coaching career, I worked with many who felt insecure about physical intimacy. This was fun, but I noticed that physical closeness was just a symptom of something else.

The deeper issue was almost always a lack of feeling emotionally connected in the marriage.

Emotions are my jam! Processing them. Healing them. Feeling them. Creating with them.

I committed to teaching everyone about any emotional issue they had. I love to sort through all the feels.

Then this powerful coaching combination was created.

Intimacy Work + Emotional Work = Growth and Connection

I got so many requests from high-performers who were struggling in marriage. They could thrive at work, but couldn’t connect emotionally or physically in relationships.

Their amazing drive allows them to achieve at work, but often sabotages intimate relationships at home.

I love looking back and seeing how each part of my story contributed to exactly where I am now.

What’s your story that led you to your present moment?

Want to know how I can help you?