I Love Being a Woman in a Man’s World

Hi there,

I’m Rhonda.  I’m a woman who’s been living in a man’s world from the day I was born.

I’m the youngest and only girl in my family, raised with three older brothers.

I’m a mom of four boys.

My whole life, I’ve always felt like it was easy to talk to and understand the men around me.  A skill that many of my female friends didn’t understand.

I hate it when I hear women bashing men in general and feel a bit of a need to defend the ones I’ve felt a kinship to my whole life.

Most husbands want to do good and be the best they can possibly be.  If you’re here, you are one of those husbands.  That being said, I’ve noticed that while the desire is there, many of you simply don’t know how to understand and connect with your wives in the way that feels close and intimate.

The same skills that allow you to thrive in your career aren’t conducive to intimacy with your wife.

Luckily for you, I’ve spent years coaching wives around their struggles to connect intimately with the men in there lives, and now I’m sharing everything I’ve learned, with you.

As a former family counselor and Certified Intimacy Coach, I have a vault of things the  ladies in your life have shared, and I feel a moral obligation and desire to teach you how to make sense of it all.

This is my skill set and my passion.  To take this valuable information and present it to the guys out there who sincerely want to improve their relationships.

I know it’s seemed like an impossible task up to this point, but please let me teach you how.

I’ve developed a structured and simple process that WILL change your marriage.

If you’re ready to finally figure this out, let’s do it together.

I work remotely with high achieving men, all over the world, who want to connect to the women they love.

Want to know how I can help you?