Adversity is a Classroom

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Some researchers have claimed the number one predictor of success is your ability to be resilient;  your ability to struggle and keep working for your goal.  It has been said that this quality is more important than intelligence, resources or even skill.

Resilience is defined as your ability to overcome adversity.  The only way to get better at resilience is by experiencing adversity.

So if resilience is the number one predictor of success and you gain resilience through adversity, it might seem like experiencing adversity is a good thing!  I believe it is.  If you are in the midst of a personal struggle, game on!

Adversity is like your classroom.  Using challenges as an opportunity to build strategies is a skill.  Resilience fosters confidence.  Many people think accomplishments build confidence, but really the confidence comes because of the obstacles that were scaled along the journey to your accomplishment.  If our goals were easy and without challenges, there would be no feeling of great accomplishment in the end.

No one particularly enjoys being in the throws of adversity, I don’t believe.  But, think about the qualities you most appreciate about someone you really admire.  If you take a closer look at these qualities, I bet you will find these attributes you most admire, were acquired through the pains of opposition.  The people you admire and love are not great in spite of their trials.  It is very likely, they are great because of them.

Relationships are like this too.  As we go through hard things together and continue to commit to one another, we can come out stronger on the other side of hardship.  What kind of challenges are you facing in your marriage right now?  Use this adversity as your class room.  What strategies and techniques can you use to scale these obstacles?  Why is it worth it to you, to not give up when you start to experience resistance in your relationship?

If you can use challenging situations to deepen your resolve and commitment, you can create a relationship that will be stronger and better than you could have ever know without the struggles!

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