Darkness, Are You in the Tunnel that Opens to the Light?

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I used to be afraid of the dark.  It just seems like bad things happen in the dark.  Darkness can also give us contrast and perspective.  It can help us appreciate the light. 

In Lehi’s dream, he says, he traveled for many hours through a “dark and dreary waste” having to call upon the Lord for mercy.  In the Sacred Grove, Joseph Smith was surrounded by “thick darkness”.  He said it felt like he was “doomed to sudden destruction”.  Both of these great examples called upon the Lord for help when they found themselves in the mist of great darkness.

Isn’t it also interesting, that both of these great men were so righteous and seeking to do and know God’s will, yet they were challenged by such a great force of evil and darkness?  I also find it intriguing that this great darkness tried to overtake them just as they were on the verge of finding great knowledge and wisdom that would prove invaluable for generations to come.  Satan is real.  He wants to upset Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness.

Have you ever felt darkness in your relationship? Are you there now? I know the darkness can seem lonely.  Please don’t succumb to it.  Satan wants to break our families. What light and wisdom might be on the other side of your darkness?  Call upon the Lord for help and start walking toward the light. Is it possible that your relationship can come through darkness with a stronger bond and a deeper love than you would have otherwise known?

***If you are in any type of an abusive situation- emotionally, physically, or otherwise- please seek help immediately.  It is not your fault and you should not stay in a dangerous situation.***

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