Even the Bishop Needs Help Sometimes!

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We all need help. ALL of us find ourselves in need at some point.
Have you ever wanted to seek help, but felt ashamed or embarrassed to talk to someone?  I have found these feelings to be especially prevalent when talking about marriage and intimacy.  Aren’t these things just supposed to naturally work themselves out?…not usually.
Listen to this bishop’s story prior to seeking help.
“Sex had been a disaster from the beginning of the marriage.  What made it worse was he felt that good Latter-day Saints shouldn’t have such problems.  He believed that if anyone should have a model marriage, the bishop and his wife should.  In fact, virtually everyone in the ward assumed they were the perfect couple, and he felt both hypocritical and a little bitter that the image was false.”
In frustration, the bishop said, “Show me the justice of it.  We keep all the commandments.  We pay a full tithe and a lot more.  Neither of us has ever refused a calling.  We attend the temple regularly.  We try to be missionaries to our neighbors.  And despite all of this, we are miserably, unhappy with each other and have a lousy sex life.  That is not the way it’s supposed to work!”
Dr. David Snarsh says, “There is no peace without integrity.”
So, when you believe your marriage is sacred and you also believe your relationship is defective, it causes turmoil.  Can you see how there can be no peace in your relationship when these beliefs are out of alignment?
When you have these thoughts and feelings, you are constantly conflicted and the relationship feels out of integrity at all times.
Please don’t feel self-conscious about seeking help.  You aren’t alone.  Marriage and intimacy issues are so common and can be resolved if you are willing to be honest about your needs. 
Satan is the one who tells you to be ashamed and embarrassed.  He wants to break up your marriage.
I want to help marriages thrive.  What are you waiting for? Get on my calendar today for free, so we can start resolving the issues keeping you from all the happiness you hoped your eternal marriage would bring.
Hope you have a lovely week 💜
*Bishop’s story taken from And They Were Not Ashamed