Game Changer!

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There have been a few times lately, mostly when my kids are being a bit difficult, that I have wished I could go back to when they were babies (you know, when they weren’t able to say rude things or express their displeasure with the dinner I just spent hours preparing).

I just know if I could have only one day with them as a baby again, I would savor each second.  Then the thought comes, “One day you’ll wish you could have this moment back, so you could savor every moment.”

Remember the early days of your relationship with your husband?  You probably didn’t have kids, a college degree or a steady source of income.  You were probably dreaming of days when you could hold your future babies, graduate with that degree and land your dream job.  You were so eager to see what the future would hold.

In hindsight, are there things you miss about that time in your relationship?  Would you appreciate the simplicity of that life?  If you could relive a week of your early days, what would you do and savor?

As humans, we are so funny in the fact that we never seem content where we are, but often look back longingly to where we were.

My teacher, Brooke Castillo, shared something with me this week that was a total game changer.  If you have just six minutes, do yourself a HUGE favor and listen to this game changing podcast featuring Ryan Moran.

Leave a comment and let me know what thoughts filled your mind as you listened!