Got Love?

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Have you heard it said, “feelings are always a choice”? That rubs some people the wrong way.  They don’t like thinking the other person in the relationship has no responsibility in how they feel.

Many of us decide we don’t want to feel love toward someone who we believe has wronged us (that is okay, by the way).  Just know, love is always an option that is available– if you want it.  Nothing anyone does or doesn’t do can ever deny you that feeling. Isn’t that great news?!

Love feels amazing. Why would we choose not to feel love toward someone?  When you choose not to feel love, it only effects you.  You are the only one who gets to feel your feelings.

Choosing love does not mean approving of any behavior.  It does not mean you don’t take action in protecting yourself or attaining desired results.  It simply means your ability to be happy never has to be dependent on somebody else.

Choosing love is a gift you get to give to yourself!
Bonus Material!  If you have someone who is challenging to love right now, check out my Got Love? worksheet !

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***This post is not encouraging anyone to stay in any situation that is unsafe in anyway.