I Can Predict the Future, and So Can You!

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I learned a fun little exercise a few months ago.  It allows you to predict the future!  Ok, ok, I don’t really believe in fortune tellers and crystal balls, but I definitely do believe you can know what will happen in the future, if you decide to create it. 
Since this is a blog about creating the marriage you want, let’s focus on the relationship you have with your husband (you can totally use this technique for anything you want). 
Grab a pencil and paper, and simply follow the steps below. 
1- Imagine yourself 5 years from now.  What kind of relationship do you want to have with your husband?  Be very specific.  What will you enjoy together?  How will you communicate with him?  What will you do that makes you feel connected to him?  Get a very clear picture of what this relationship looks like, and your specific role in this future bliss.
2- Now imagine you already are this wife in the relationship that you just described in step one.  Really allow yourself to be her for a minute.  Take yourself to that future place.  Try to feel how she might feel.  Ponder how she might think about her husband.  Really picture how this wife might respond to and act toward her husband.  
3- This might seem a little strange, but just stay with me here.  Now, ask that future version of yourself how you got to that place in your relationship.  Brainstorm for all the answers you come up with and write them down.  Possible answers might include: Date night once a week, pray together daily, cook his favorite meal every Sunday, rekindle intimacy, etc.  What ever comes to your mind!
4- Now you are ready to start bringing your future into grasp. Implement the advice you just received from your future self, until you have acquired the results that you have intentionally set out to create.  Your brain might create some resistance as you try to shift your focus and feelings.  This is normal.  Nothing has gone wrong.  It just means you are trying new things and your brain wants to stay in old patterns.  If you try one thing and it isn’t a good fit, no worries! Just move on to the next. 
Eventually you will create the future you set out to attain.
This process works, because you have wisdom and insight about yourself, your spouse and your relationship that is invaluable.  Sometimes when you are frustrated, busy or distracted, it is just hard to access these answers.

What does your future hold?  I predict it will be exactly what you create it to be.

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