Is Multitasking Ruing Your Intimacy?

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Hey there,

You probably think being able to multitask is a good thing. 

And, it can be when you have a million things to get done and a busy house to keep.

When it comes to the bedroom though, multitasking can wreak havoc on your intimate life.

One mom confided, “I love my husband and I love being with him, but my brain will not switch gears from mom-life to sex-life sometimes.  I can be right in the middle of the act and I will start thinking, ‘Did you remember to pack the lunches? Are the kids safe in their rooms?, Did you remember to turn the crock pot off?’ I just don’t know how to switch my brain.”

Has this ever happened to you?

One way to deal with this is to consciously close some of the tabs, before you spend time with your husband. 

Having less to stress about or deal with can help your brain slow down and focus on what’s happening in the now.

Taking time in the day to relax and refuel your energy are vital. 

It’s not selfish!

Easier said than done?

I encourage you to keep an open mind and brainstorm all the ways you can consistently find time to spend refueling yourself.  

I challenge you to make a list of 10 ways to help you start putting yourself and your relationship first.  Don’t get too uptight about the list.  Start writing down anything that comes to mind, then circle your favorite 3 ideas.  Implement one idea each week and see if it helps. 

Do you need to cut out some activities, say no to certain requests, ask for help?  Do it.  

Your well-being and the results you’ll get in your marriage are worth it!