It Starts With One

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It takes one person in the marriage to make the decision to change.  When that one person decides to change, the other person in the relationship has to decide if they will shift to balance the relationship.

I know you might feel like you don’t want to be the one who has to put forth the extra effort.   Can I ask you a question?  Would you put forth the effort if you knew your marriage depended on it?

I promise you, with the right attitude and commitment, one person can change the whole tone of the relationship.

If you have a couple extra minutes, please read this story about the way author, Richard Paul Evans decided to change only himself, in an attempt to save his marriage.  I read it years ago, and it has stayed with me ever since.

“Finally, hoarse and broken, I sat down in the shower and began to cry. In the depths of my despair powerful inspiration came to me. You can’t change her, Rick. You can only change yourself. At that moment I began to pray.”

Are you willing to be the one?  Contact me here to talk about changing your mindset about your marriage.