Just Stand Up!

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I saw the cutest little baby tonight.  It made me think about when my babies were tiny.  In particular,

I started thinking about when they were learning to walk.  They would start by just trying to push up on their legs to stand.  They would hold onto the couch or table and walk with assistance.  Eventually, they began to take steps without holding on, and then one day they just took off. 

They all walk just fine now, but there was a lot of falling for a few months.  Babies don’t seem to get discouraged or feel like giving up when they keep falling.  They just continue to get back up and try again.

Why do we as adults, find it so difficult to “fall”?  When we have a set back, it can hurt our self-esteem, cause us to doubt our purpose and even make us question our commitment to our passion or things we love.

What about in your marriage?  When you have a set-back with your husband, what do you think?  Do you question your choice to marry him?  Do you wonder if you will ever be able to connect on a deeper level?

Let’s think about those cute babies learning to walk again.  They fall a lot.  Consequently, they get back up a lot.  I find it so ironic that falling puts the baby in the position to keep pushing up with their tiny legs.  The very act of pushing up over and over strengthens those little legs so they can eventually walk effortlessly.

We all fall sometimes. It’s okay.  Just keep standing back up my friend.  You are getting stronger each time.

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***This post is not suggesting anyone stay in a situation that is unsafe or abusive in anyway***