Out of Touch With Your Emotions?

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Do you have a hard time feeling your emotions? 
We usually embrace positive emotion, but some people actually shut down and try not to feel any negative emotion at all.  I can see how some might think this is a good strategy.  It can be a coping mechanism to deal with a traumatic event.  The problem is, if we choose to never deal with the emotion, it is very hard to move past the event.  Over time, we think we are saving ourselves from pain, but what we don’t see is all the energy it takes to keep the negative emotion just below the surface.  
Part of being human is experiencing all types of emotion.  We were created to be emotional beings. 
We tend to feel like things are exactly as they should be when we are experiencing positive emotion.  Is it possible that when we feel negative emotion, things are still as they should be?  This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to fix the problem causing the negative emotion. It just means that in life we are meant to experience good and bad.  When we experience a negative emotion, it provides contrast to the positive.  It provides an opportunity for growth.  In fact, as humans living a mortal life, we should expect to feel negative emotion about 50 percent of the time and positive emotion about 50 percent of the time.  This is normal and should be expected.
What about in your marriage?  What do you think about your relationship or your partner when you feel a negative emotion?  The 50/50 rule still applies.  It is normal to feel the gamut of emotions in your marriage.  
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