Puzzled By Your Partner?

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“What if, instead of fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong, we see that each person has a piece of truth, and our job is to cooperate to put the whole puzzle together?” ~ Stephen Palmer
There have been times in my marriage, when I wished my husband was more like me.  When problems would arise, I just knew they could all be solved if he would just adopt my way of thinking.  Can you relate?  I actually said to him one time, “I wish I could just take everything in my brain and transfer it into yours, so we would always be thinking the same and always go about solving problems in the same way.”  Ugh, that would have been a terrible mistake!
I am sure I meant it at the time, but as I have become more open to his perspective, I am so grateful that both of us are not like me.  He brings so much to the relationship that I didn’t always appreciate or even notice.  In fact, some of the things that I was put off by at first, are the very things that I can now see have been an asset in our relationship. 
Are there things your husband does that annoy you, but might actually be exactly what your relationship needs? Amidst frustration, you might not want to give your husband credit for any of his attributes that are different than yours.  
How might your perspective change if you decided to look at your differences and then brainstorm all of the reasons your husbands specific characteristics are good for your relationship?
Each of you hold different pieces to the puzzle of your partnership.  Some of the pieces are hard to find and some are not easily maneuvered into place, but the pieces are all there.  When you are willing to take the time and patience to sort out your pieces, your masterpiece awaits. 
The beauty of the whole picture is already within your reach, my friend.  Just take the time to notice the detail of each piece, finding it’s value in the grand scheme of your masterpiece. 
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