Self Awareness, What Does That Even Mean?!

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I used to hear people talk about how important “self-awareness” was.  I had no idea what that even meant!  Like, I have always been aware of myself.  I’ve always known I was in existence.  I’ve always been able to feel physical pain and sensations, so I knew I was alive. I kept wondering, “What is all the hype about self-awareness and why does it matter?”
I have come to realize that people who are self-aware understand the connection between their mind and the results they see in their lives.  They actually take note of what they are thinking, instead of just reacting to everything.  When they understand this connection of mind and results, they have power to create anything they want.  
That does not mean self-aware people are always happy and life is always great for them.  It just means they understand the correlation between their thoughts, feelings and behaviors, ultimately leading to any result they acquire.  

What results do you want in your life?  Are your current thoughts, feelings and actions leading you to the results you want?  
Let’s try something.  Grab a pencil and make a list of how you spend a typical day.  Get detailed about it, and write down your routine from morning until bed time.  Now write down a specific goal that you have.  Does your daily routine match up with accomplishing the goal you have?  If your answer is yes, great job.  You are working toward your goal, not just wishing you had it.  
If your daily routine does not match up with your goal, not to worry!  It happens sometimes.  Now you are more aware.  All you need to do, is think about the goal you want to accomplish, then think about how you need to behave in order to achieve this goal.  How do you need to feel about yourself and your abilities to accomplish the goal?  What kind of thoughts do you need to practice in order to feel this way about yourself and your goal?
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