The Healing Power of Touch

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Did you know physical touch has the power to heal by transferring vital energy between human beings?
Dr. Harvey L Gochros explained, “We develop a form of emotional scurvy that we call by different terms: depression, stress, anxiety, aggression and midlife crisis.  Lack of touch is just as detrimental to our health as a lack of Vitamin C and just as easy to remedy.”
So interesting!
Human beings have a universal need for touch.  
In one horrendous study babies actually died from the simple lack of touch.
When intimacy is lacking in a marriage, serious consequences can also be found.  Lack of physical touch often leads our minds down a lonely path of feeling isolated, sad, depressed and unaccepted.
To be clear intimacy doesn’t always imply sexual contact.  There are many ways to start filling your “touch bucket” right now.  
1- Give lots of hugs
2- Hold hands
3- Stroke hair or skin
4- Snuggle or hold each other in the cradling position
5- Give massages
What holds you back from touching more?
I know it will take some effort.  It might even feel a bit awkward when you start being more liberal with your touches. 

Just do it!
Your health and relationship just might depend on it.
…but, “What if I just don’t want to be that close to anyone?”
Do you think you are a person who just doesn’t like to be touched?
Wish you could reciprocate your husbands need for physical affection, but just aren’t feeling it?  
I can help you figure that out.  Here is the link to my schedule.  What do you have to lose?  I’ll give you a free call and I promise you will walk away with useful information to help your relationship start to heal.