Tom Brady and Learning Turns Everything into a Positive

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Just 3 days after his team lost the Super Bowl, Tom Brady posted the following comment on Instagram:

“There are many emotions when you come up short of your goal.  And they are all part of learning and growing in this journey of life.  Learning turns everything into a positive…”

So often we get focused on how we think things are supposed to be, that we forget there is a journey to get to that sweet spot we’ve always dreamed of.  Along the journey to our goals, there will surely be wins and losses; things that work well and things that work not-so-well. All of these experiences are an important part of any journey.

What do you consider to be the ultimate goal of your marriage; that sweet spot you always dreamed of?  Maybe you haven’t thought about that for a while, or ever.  Take a minute and write down what your ultimate marriage goal is.  Now think about the success that you have had in your marriage as you have worked toward that goal.  Next, reflect back on the fails or losses you have had in your relationship.  What have you learned from the “losses”?

As my friend Tom Brady explained, learning and growing is part of our journey.  As we talked about in this post, the best classroom for learning and growth happens to be our own challenges.  We can truly grow closer to our ultimate goal, if we will take the time to appreciate the lessons learned from each set back.

What are you learning from the challenges in your marriage right now?  Remember, “learning turns everything into a positive”.  Why are the trials you are currently facing in your marriage, exactly the right trials for your relationship?

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