What is a Life Coach?

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I am a Certified Life Coach who works primarily with Latter Day Saint women.  I often get asked what a life coach does, or how life coaching differs from therapy. 

I think everyone should know!

Tony Robbins describes it this way.  “The fundamentals of life coaching are what distinguish it from therapy.  Life coaches do not diagnose, while therapists determine illnesses and pathologies- so clients can be clinically treated.  Therapists analyze client’s pasts as a tool for understanding present behaviors, whereas life coaches simply identify and describe current problematic behaviors so the client can work to modify them.”

A life coach might be helpful in:
– Clarifying and achieving personal and professional goals
– Working to improve communication and other relationship skills
-Achieving work/life balance

A therapist might be helpful in:
– Recovering from past trauma
-Working through depression and anxiety that inhibit daily functions
– Sustaining through extreme loss or bereavement

Coaching is used by people who are already succeeding, but want to succeed even more. 

Coaching seeks to bring more power, control and joy to the client. 

Coaching is goal-based, solution-focused, and results-oriented.

So now you know!

Let me know if you have more questions. 

Rhonda Farr, Certified Life Coach