I’ll help you finally understand what’s going on in your relationship once and for all.  I’ll help you understand what created this dynamic in the first place and show you how to solve it.

Watch this short video to learn how to work with me.


  • Each time Rhonda coaches me, I know I am in good hands.  And while I know she cares about me and wants what’s best for me, she never tries to tell me what to think or do.  She never judges…she just shows me what’s going on in my mind so I can make empowered decisions.  Love her!  If you’ve never worked with her or a coach at all, you definitely should start now.

  • Rhonda knows exactly how to get to the real issue.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to coach with her!  I highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in their intimacy and doesn’t know where to turn.

  • Rhonda is an incredible coach.  Patient, yet firm in helping me to be honest with myself.  She will help you get clear about how to improve your relationship…if you are thinking about coaching with Rhonda, my advice is simple.  Just do it!

  • Rhonda is an amazing coach who can help you transform your life that you are supposed to live and love.  She helped me find real solutions to the problems that I have been carrying for years.  She challenged and helped me change my negative thinking.  I was hoping I could somehow change my husband, but Rhonda showed me how to start changing myself.  Most of all she helped me love myself!!!

  • Rhonda has the uncanny ability to zero in on that part of you that really needs the work.  She was able to find the root of my issues very quickly and was able to help me realize them as well.  She supplied me with the tools and support I needed to keep at the work and get to a point where I now feel so much more confident in myself.  Moving forward, I know if I need a helping hand along the way, I will be calling Rhonda again.

  • Coaching with Rhonda was so helpful and empowering.  After just one session, I felt so much more power in my own abilities to be authentic in handling the unique issue my husband and I face with intimacy.