You are Such a Great Person, Why Should You Have to Experience Hard Things?

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I once heard someone say that one of Satan’s greatest traps is trying to trick us into thinking that because we are doing our best to live a righteous life and strive for righteous goals, our lives should be void of conflict, trial or struggle.  Have you ever wondered why really hard things happen to really good people? 
Ask any LDS person what the purpose of this life is, and you’ll get some version of, “we are here on this earth to gain a body and to be tried and tested.”  We know we are here to grow through trial and tests, but when the heat is on and life gets difficult, we think something has gone terribly wrong.  We can’t understand why this has happened to a good person like ourselves and we want it to be fixed yesterday.  I am with you friend! I struggle with this too.  We are human after all.  Humans living a mortal life trying to mesh earthly experience with divine potential.  
What about marriage?  Is it meant to be a blessing or a test?  For most of us, I’d say it’s definitely both at different times.  Especially for those of us who want to appear to have the perfect relationship.  When something gets tricky or difficult in your marriage, do you think something has gone terribly wrong? Do you wonder if you married the right person?  Do you wonder if you can be happy for eternity with this man?  Maybe, just maybe things are exactly as they should be, even when your marriage is being put to the test.
What would your relationship be like if you just expected it to be difficult sometimes, and didn’t make that mean anything negative about your husband, yourself or your marriage? Really think about this one.  The Lord has infinite wisdom and I am certain we can never understand all the reasons things play-out in our lives as they do. But, if we ask him, perhaps he will give us a small glimpse of the blessings that come amid the opposition.
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